Tana Moody said: January 22nd, 2013 12:07 pm I really enjoyed the class I took on January 19, 2013. It makes for a long day but it is required by the law. Gary made the day go by fast by teaching us with some very good material, videos, and his crazy jokes. Everyone in the class got involved in the conversations and you got a lot of feed back from everyone. You will learn all about the laws and what to do and what not to do with your firearm. I was a beginner so I was terrified with a gun. Gary was very patient and helpful teaching me how to load and unload the gun safely. He teaches you the importance of cleaning the gun properly and how to store your gun. At the range him and his people were very patient and helpful with everyone. I was so shocked when I took my target down and I got 2 bulls eye. I was really proud of myself since I had never shot a gun before. Yay Me!! The main thing you will learn is that you will learn quickly and precisely what carrying, and being prepared to use, a concealed firearm means for you and your family. I would advice anyone to go take this class and learn all you can learn before all the laws change and it gets harder to purchase a gun to defend yourself and your love ones.
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"North Carolina Conceal Carry Class"
Thanks for visiting, its important to me you get the knowledge and training you need.
Protecting yourself and your loved ones comes first!
Don't get into trouble with a firearm, know what the law is!

Classes offered:
NC Conceal Carry, Recognized in 33 States!
NC Hunter Education, Recognized in all 50 States!
NC Hunter Education Advance Bow, Recognized in all 50 States!
NC Hunter Education Muzzle Loading, Recognized in all 50 States!
NC Orienteering. (Map and Compass), Recognized in all 50 States!
NRA Basic Pistol.
NRA Personal Protection inside the home.

My wife and I have taught thousands of people for the
State, NRA, and the Conceal Carry Classes.
We make you feel relaxed and comfortable in a easy going
class room setting as a group, and should
 you need one on one instruction, were right their for you!
We make you feel,   Y o u    are the most
important person in the class room.
Y O U   A R E !

The best advertising is done by   "word of mouth"    That's why

I let my past students do my recomendations,
you can read their posts on the feedback page.

Who's been taking our classes?  Members and Families of  
Law enforcement, EMS, Firefighters, School teachers, Church staff and members, Guards, Retired military, Retired State and Federal employees, to everyday people of all walks of life, young and old 21 through 84, the handicap, people who have been a victim of past violence or families that want to protect themselves and loved ones! 


If you have taken my class I hope you will sign the guest book and leave your comments for others to read!

If you're new to this site, go to the guest book and read what other people are saying about our classes.  


     New! One on one shooting instruction for the beginner!
Ladies not comfortable with a male instructor? That’s okay! Learn from a female whom is certified by the NRA and the Justice Academy of North Carolina to teach you the basics. Fun and informal. This class is only for the beginner who wants to learn the basics.  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Conceal Carry Class Information.

This course is designed for law-abiding citizens, who wish to carry a concealed handgun or have a home firearm for their personal or family’s protection.



Must register and pay for
the class in advance!


Class size is    L I M I T E D! 

Next Class.

To be announced.
Click here for directions.
Click here to register.

$75 Per Person!

$175.00 Class for $75.00, Why?
FAQ page.

Ready to Sign up?


Call me at

Click here for answers.

Fees are paid in advance
for the NC CCW / CCH book, certificate made out in your name, range time, and the paperwork. No registration can be completed until conformation for payment is received!

Sorry No refunds for this reason.

Once you have paid for the class,
you can take it again and again as the laws change as a refresher any time I hold a class, no cost to you unless you need to be re certified.
If you have paid for the class but have not attended, you will need to complete the registration form again and in the comment box let me know you have paid so I can reserve a place for you and find your information, PLEASE DON'T  just show up, Let me know when you plan to attend!  OR  I may not have a seat for you or have your certificate.

(If your not sure you can get a conceal carry permit see the
"NC Firearm laws" appendix for disqualifying offenses) 

House Bill 650
                              House Bill 937
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