Frequently Asked Questions

Bring your face mask (REQUIRED)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this class required to apply for the conceal carry permit?

North Carolina requires everyone who wants to apply for a permit to carry a firearm MUST take a class like this one. The class is on the laws of North Carolina and firearm safety. The State requires you to take a CCW  class becuase it is a starting point on safety and  laws. It is your 2nd amendment right to keep and bare arms, but not to conceal it off your property. You must earn that privilege!

How old must I be and what are the requirements to take the CCW class?

I ask you be 21 years or older to take the CCW Class. If your parent or guardian is with you and signs the release form you can take the class. Also you must be a legal citizen of the United States with a current photo identification with you and no criminal record.

Where is the class located?

The Class is held at Solid Rock Worship Center, in the fellowship building. This is at the corner of Center Grove road and Sunrise drive in Kannapolis.       Click Here for a google map link.      Unless there is a private or special class.

What time will the class start?
See home page for class times and locations, (Please be there at 15 minutes early to go thru sign in) unless there is a special class.
Check the home page for dates and times, as well as other locations.

Where will we go to shoot?
Private range.    BE SURE TO BRING HEARING AND EYE PROTECTION WITH YOU! The range is in a "Cow Pasture" and depending on the weather there may be mud, manure, or other obstacles, It's a good walk, should you have trouble walking you can ride in the truck with us.

What type of target will I be shooting at?
North Carolina has requirements on what type of targets that can and can not be used. Silhouettes are an approved target, this is what I use.


How long is the class?
Class will start at 7 am (Winter) and doors open 30 minutes before. From the 1st Sunday in November to the 2nd Sunday in March, then the class will start at 8 AM following daylight saving time. Don’t be late! State law requires you to have 8 hours of instruction and then go shoot, doors are locked 10 minutes after the hour and we would not be able to let you attend this class.

What will we go over in class?
After the introductions, the 1st part of the class we will go over the use of deadly force, when you can and more importantly when you can’t use deadly force. Places where you can carry your firearm and places you can’t, all morning we will be talking about the laws, and carrying a firearm responsibly.  After lunch we’ll cover firearm maintenance, storing, concealment and shooting techniques, non lethal force, firearm safety, range safety and then we’ll go to the range to qualify with your firearm. You will shoot 10 rounds at 3,5, and 7 yards for a total of 30 rounds, you must hit the target 21 out of 30 times. The furthest  you will be away from the target is 21 feet (7 yards). BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR FIREARM SECURED IN YOUR VEHICLE ON THE DAY OF THE CLASS, NO FIREARMS ALLOWED IN THE CLASS ROOM.

What about lunch and bathroom breaks?

We usually take lunch around noon or so, and finish up with laws, we also take a bathroom break every hour so you can move around a little. There are drinks and snacks, and the room is heated and air-condition as needed.

Dress for the weather!

Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately, hats are always good and if maybe rain bring a rain jacket and boots you won't mine getting muddy.

Do I need to have a permit before I take the class?
No, you do not need a permit before taking this class.

Do I need to have a firearm before class?

No, if you do not have a firearm you can use ours to qualify with, there is a charge for the firearm and the ammo you will use and us having to clean the firearm afterwards.


How do I transport my firearm to the class?

Anytime you have a firearm in the vehicle and you don’t have a CCW permit; keep the firearm in an area that is not accessible to the passenger’s compartment, with the firearm unloaded, and the action open. The state looks as to the location and the accessibility of the firearm, if it is in reach of you or the passengers, you could be cited. You should keep it unloaded but the state does not care one way or the other if it is or not. Remember to keep it secure and away from others.


I’m not sure I can get a CCW permit, how can I find out?

If your not sure you can get a conceal carry permit see the "NC Firearm laws" appendix for
disqualifying offenses. You can also apply for a pistol permit before you start spending a lot of money on something you can’t use. You may also want to call an attorney and meet with them if your still not sure, if you have a felony conviction or any record of violence, you should contact your attorney before taking this class.


Is there a caliber or gun restriction when qualifying for Concealed Carry?

No. However, I like smaller calibers with longer barrels. These guns do not have a lot of recoil and the person can usually hit what they shoot at. There is no caliber restriction, however we ask that you do not bring a single action cowboy revolver for qualifying. NO RELOADS!

 If I pay for the class but unable to come do I lose my money?

No, anyone who has registered and paid for a class can come anytime. You can also come over and over again if you wish at no additional charge. If you let your permit expire and you need another certificate to renew your CCW then you would be required to pay for the class again. I have several people who have paid but have been unable to attend, if this should happen to you, all you need to do is call me and let me know when your coming so I can plan a space for you.

What do you provide?

We provide instruction, class study materials and targets. If you need to use our firearm to qualify with, it is an additional charge.


Why is your class so cheap when other classes are around $175 and up?

I do not make a living teaching this class. I work full time and teach only because I love it. I am a firm believer in your rights and I feel the more law-abiding citizens who carry a firearm responsibly makes us all a little safer. The price is only to cover the overhead cost.  I know what some of the other classes are teaching, I’ve helped with some, I want you to get the most to be safer and not to break any laws.


Is this all I need to carry a firearm?

No, you must go to the sheriff’s department of the county you live in, complete the paperwork, pay for the application, your finger prints and photo will be taken, then after about 8 weeks or so the sheriff department will call you to pick up your permit in person. DO NOT CARRY A FIREARM UNTIL YOU GET YOUR PERMIT FROM THE SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT!  The cost of this class does not cover any fees or charges related to applying for conceal carry permit.

Will other states honor my conceal carry permit?

Some other states do honor you’re your permit to carry, there is 34 states to date.


After I receive my CCW permit from the Sheriff's department, do I need to buy any more gun permits?
No, as long as you keep your conceal carry permit current you will not need to buy a gun permit to purchase a firearm. Also, there are no restrictions to the number of firearms you can purchase.

Classes will be made available if NC changes the laws that no longer requires this class. Meaning you will still have access to the training you paid for, no refund will be offered.

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